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Elegance Forever Beauty Clinic

Treatments to change your looks.....And change your life

My goal and passion for my work is to bring out your individual, natural beauty. My experience and talents displayed at Elegance Forever Beauty Clinic are among the most sought after in the UK and abroad.

I am fully trained and qualified in all of my fields, and use my years of experience

in achieving the right treatment for all of my clients. I treat all genders and ethnicity with the same respect and professionalism, as we are all equal.

I am a very approachable person with a sympathetic approach to my cancer and alopecia clients. I can also assure you I will make anyone feel at ease, as I explain

all what the treatments entail. 

If you are looking for a one to one service, and for someone to listen to your needs, then using the correct products and treatment to achieve that.

Call me today, I will welcome you on board to your journey in achievement.

I have performed on myself permanent make up brows eyeliner and lip blush.

Services Include:

** KoreanThread Lift for non cosmetic face lift.

No scalpel, or general anaesthetic, quick down time

  • LOVELITE teeth whitening - Harley Street Trained
  • MESOTHERAPY for skin rejuvenation, for ageing and young skin
  • Indian Threading for brows and face
  • Lash extensions
  • Skin Peels and Microdermabrasion
    * Spray Tanning (crazy angel gives a gorgeous golden colour)
  • Luxury Facial including using 24kt Gold
  • Non-Cosmetic face lifts using either collagen wave or micro current
  • Anti wrinkle injections, for the forehead around the eyes and other parts
  • of the face, including smokers lines.
  • Non permanent cheek fillers for wrinkling, sagging skin using
  • Uma Jeaunesse/Juvederm
  • Paris lip plumping using Uma Jeaunesse/Juvederm
  • Smokers lines around the mouth using Resylane/Juvederm/Uma Jeaunesse
  • Brow Lift using dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections/OR Korean thread lift
  • Permanent Make up for Brow/eyeliner/lips/and beauty mark
  • Airbrushed make up for a flawless look
  • Phd brows (a 5 step treatment for perfect brows)
  • Hair pieces (trimmed and fitted)
  • LED light therapy for problem skin
  • Hollywood Ozone skin treatment
  • Acne problems addressed (consultation necessary)
  • Skin camouflage (consultation necessary)
  • Hopi ear candles
  • Scar relaxation (consultation necessary)
  • Chromatherapy (LED) light treatment
  • 10 years younger programme price upon consultation
  • Make Up Make overs for special occasions